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Judy All-in-One Cybersecurity for SMBs

Work Safer. Work Smarter. Work Less.

We believe that the size of your business (or budget) shouldn’t limit your ability to combat cyberthreats. That’s why we created Judy, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform that’s easy to install, easy to manage, and provides the protection and support you need—at a price you can afford.

Easy-to-Use, All-in-One Platform

Onboarding new software can be daunting, which is why Judy’s all-in-one platform includes everything you need to get your team up to speed. You’ll save time and resources while keeping your information secure and your team happy, safe and productive.

Security You Can Trust

Designed to be both effective and affordable, Judy was built to the highest industry standards using the latest technology. With Judy, you can be confident that your most sensitive customer and company data is always under lock and key.

24/7 Protection and Support

Backed by next-gen automated threat monitoring and remediation (and by AaDya’s live customer success team), Judy delivers the protection and cybersecurity services you need— without the cost of additional staff or contractors.

Meet Judy.

She’s your virtual cybersecurity solution, and the heart (and brains) of our platform. Judy works 24/7 across all your devices to secure your most sensitive company and customer information. Built using the latest AI and machine-learning technology, Judy leverages a robust set of features to protect your brand, your customers, and your bottom line.

Judy at a Glance:

  • DNS Filtering
  • Secure Authentication
  • Password Manager
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Mobile (Android & Apple)
  • Judy’s Team Blue: Managed Threat Detection & Automated Remediation
  • Judy’s Learning: Security Awareness Training
  • Automated Compliance Management & Reporting

Judy’s Team Blue

Meet Judy’s Team Blue. Included with Advanced and Premium offerings, Team Blue provides threat monitoring and remediation, automated responses, additional threat intelligence, and a live team of experts to protect your environment.


Judy’s Team Blue delivers 24/7/365 advanced monitoring and detection. We provide log ingestion, alert and case management, user behavior analytics, and security information event management so no threat slips by unnoticed.


Security threats are handled by Team Blue, providing you with immediate response and neutralization against attacks. Our platform enables automated responses that produce unparalleled speed and efficiency in remediating detected threats.


Team Blue’s central threat intelligence provides instant threat protection from known and vetted attacks, even if they haven’t yet occurred. With our active threat hunting and platform tuning, Judy is always learning new ways to keep your data safe.


Knowing what is happening in your IT security environment is crucial to protecting your most valuable assets. Judy’s Team Blue provides ongoing visibility into your IT landscape with direct reporting that keeps you in the loop about your security.

Judy’s Team Blue Features:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Security operations center
  • Proactive threat hunting & remediation
  • AI-based response and threat detection
  • Compliance & board governance reporting
  • Log ingestion and retention
  • Automated modules
  • Integration (SaaS, cloud, firewall)
  • Instantly deployable
  • Scalable pricing by user/EPS
  • Crowd-sourced threat intelligence
  • User behavior analytics
  • Alarm investigation and validation

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